Prices for locksmith in Sutton Coldfield:

Call Out = Free
Hourly Rate = £35+VAT (almost any lock can be repaired or replaced within an hour)

All you have to add is the price of the lock, which is something I am also very competitive on.

Sutton Coldfield Locksmith Services Offered:

Locksmith Sutton Coldfield
New Locks Sutton Coldfield
UPVC Door locks Sutton Coldfield
UPVC Window Locks Sutton Coldfield
Double Glazing Repair Sutton Coldfield
Window Repair Sutton Coldfield

Introduction: My name is Heath Murphy. I’m a locksmith servicing the Sutton Coldfield area. I have been in the business for 15 years. I am a local man and I work from home, so my overheads are minimal. This is why my prices are so exceptional. I work and advertise locally to keep my costs down and I always encourage my potential clients to shop around first. I am not a greedy man you see, and I like to earn my money fairly, so please compare me to my competition if you get the chance. I am never beaten on price.

We all pay and charge roughly the same for locks. The reason locksmith prices are so different is that most of my competitors want £60+ per hour to do the work for you and I don’t.

Pricing: My pricing strategy is simple. During the daytime, I don’t charge to call out. If you want a visit during the dead of night, maybe because your locked out and don’t want to damage your property, then I can be there remarkably quickly, but I do have to charge a call out fee. Again however, I must stress that I am never beaten on price.

Many people want me to work on a fixed price basis, which I am happy to do, but the permutations are endless. I need to know about your specific requirements before I can indicate what any fixed cost may be. I have been in the trade long enough to be able to price you there and then, so you won’t be kept waiting for prices.


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